Suzie’s clients have had incredible success in healing unresolved family issues with the Family Constellation process. For the past 8 years she has referred clients to other facilitators, but she has been so inspired by the process that she has signed up to study to become a facilitator in 2015. Very soon this process will be incorporated as one of her kinesiology tools.

“Family Constellation work was developed by Germany’s Bert Hellinger, one of Europe’s most innovative and provocative psychotherapists and best-selling author. Hellinger, was born in 1925, and after studying philosophy, theology, and education he became a priest. For 16 years, he worked as a missionary and the head of a number of schools in Natal. His experiences during this time in South Africa are deeply reflected in the way the constellation method has been developed

Integrating his experience and work with varied groups, Hellinger indentified what he called “Orders of Love”. These are not hard and set rules, but rather ways to re-establish a “good order” in the family system. A systemic view of psychology acknowledges that we are all part of a greater system that is more than the sum of individual parts, and that when something happens in one part of the system, then all the other parts are affected too. For example, should somebody be excluded from a family, there will be implications for everyone else of that family.” – Extract from the Family Constellation Website

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