Goal Setting

We are co-creators with the Universe. “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” Lasting happiness comes from steadily working towards accomplishing your goals and moving confidently in the direction of expressing your gifts and talents. Commitment to forming new habits can be challenging. We may start a new habit with excitement and enthusiasm, but old patterns and old habits quickly assert themselves. Perhaps you find it easy to commit to regular exercise but find it hard to commit to making time to do something creative. Perhaps you find it easy to commit to regular massage but find it hard to commit to meditation. Maybe you would like to commit to a saving plan, to volunteering, a new course of study?

Kinesiology can access your bio-computer to identify the limiting beliefs and patterns that stop you from creating new habits and sticking to your goals. Drawing on techniques from many different modalities such as acupressure, reflexology, chakra work, reiki, sound balance, colour balance, craniosacral therapy, neuro-organisational technique, affirmations, crystals and aromatherapy essential oils, we can anchor a new habit into the body. Old habits that do not serve you will be replaced. In the garden of your life that you are creating, what needs to be weeded, pruned and replanted? Where do you need to plant new flowers?

I am offering a course of kinesiology treatments over a period of 6 weeks to create a new Neural Pathway. Each session will be an hour long.

Please contact me if you require more information.