Through my 12 years of experience as a kinesiologist, I have realized that trusting one’s own Intuition can be a layered and complex exercise. I have put together a short course to simplify this process called Intuitive
Awareness Through Experience.

Course contents:

  • An introduction to the 3 chakras of intuition : solar plexus, heart and brow chakras and how to awaken and connect to them ( Using visualization, sound and crystals )
  • Learn how to use a pendulum and how to do kinesiology on yourself
  • An introduction to affirmations an how to anchor them into your heart
  • Basic self-massage techniques to release energy blocks from the body physically
  • Make your own crystal and aromatherapy Aura Spray, testing the essential oils you need by using the pendulum or kinesiology

Course Details:

The course will take place over a 5 week period, Monday nights 7.30 to 9.30 pm, The course will be limited to 8 people and will include time for feedback and discussion after each week. There are comprehensive notes to go with the course.

Cost : R1000

Please contact me if you require more information.