“I felt a million times better after our session and have been recommending you to my friends”

– Candy

“Thanks so much you really have helped me during this difficult time. I have resigned and finish next Friday. I am so relieved and am already feeling clearer. I know this is the first step to take back control.”
– Sally


After spending about 18 months applying for jobs, researching potential companies, spending hours on LinkedIn, going for first interviews, going for second interviews and still not having much success I had a light bulb moment and realized that it couldn’t be every job interview that was turning me away but rather something that I must have been radiating without being aware of it…  It was at this point that my dear friend “Frustration” and I had become too close for comfort and before I knew it I found myself at Suzie’s practice.

Looking at my notes & remembering what happened in my first session was quite amazing. When sitting down in Suzie’s room to meditate I had the vision & experience of being an Egyptian Goddess. I could see myself wearing the beautiful headgear, embracing my fierce spirit and the confidence of being powerful and successful. It was such an empowering moment that created the intrigue & desire to learn more.

My core focuses in that first session were:

  1.  Changing my career path. After seeing Suzie that first time, 7 days later I was offered my dream job. I remember thinking, WOW, kinesiology works fast!
  2.  Learning to listen to my body and focus on living a less stressed existence. Listening to my body has been very empowering and rewarding. Living a less stressed existence has been a slightly more challenging process, however something that I have a lot more awareness of and it is an everyday work in progress.
  3.  To communicate with more understanding & develop boundaries within family relationships. Learning to communicate with more understanding has been a journey on its own and wise words that I now practice are, “listen to understand, not just to reply”. Developing boundaries within family relationships, involved taking part in a family constellation group. The experience was profound as it brought up elements that I was not aware of, and it has broadened my depth and understanding of the human connection.

Kinesiology has taught me so many valuable lessons but most importantly it has taught me to be free. Free from too many thoughts, free from negativity, free from overwhelming stress, free from the judgment of myself and others and free to confidently be and embrace myself… with freedom has come so much happiness! The happiness that makes you want to open your heart, embrace the moment and realize just how lucky you really are.

It has been such a privilege to work with Suzie. She is an empathetic, compassionate and very talented healer. She listens carefully to her intuition and guides her patients clearly and holistically. Her knowledge of Western & Eastern Practice gives her a solid grounding and her ability to trust in what is, is very comforting and something that I hope to learn more of as I continue to gain her guidance and advice in the future.”

– Margot (13 kinesiology sessions over 11 months)

“Thanks Suzie, appreciate everything so far. You got me thinking about everything quite a lot…It was such an amazing release to cry and vocalise my thoughts to someone that I know can help me and push me in the right direction!!!!”
– Heather

“I just thought I’d let you know that your plan worked! As my lounge has been taking shape and as I’ve chucked old stuff out. I’ve been sleeping better and better and for the last 2 nights I haven’t even taken Melatonin.”
– Janet

“Suzie thank you for all your help this year. I didn’t get a chance to thank you and to tell you that you have an amazing gift and you have really helped me! Thank you!”
– Meredith

“Thanks for today. I love the imaginative possibilities and resolutions that come from every visit to you.”
– Jane